Thursday, October 27, 2011

No hair pulling....

At first glance this may look like an odd match, but actually these records are close enough to be cousins. In fact, cousins which are just enough alike that there's a constant battle between the two. Both are tough as nails. Neither will accept defeat.

Anna King has the advantage because she made the first move....and there's also the little matter of a certain Mr. James Brown who oversees the production. But she's definitely got serious competition in Ruby Johnson. That girl's got real power in those lungs...and since when is it a bad thing to have Isaac Hayes and David Porter in your corner?

Ruby obviously follows Anna's lead on this one, but watch out for that ending! Ruby never settles for anything less than a draw.


  1. I'm short of breath after those two !

  2. rekkids....I probably shouldn't have posted them together. One at a time is intense enough.

  3. When I first heard the Ruby Johnson the radio DJ that played it described it as a heart stopping record. Still think it's a pretty perfect description.