Sunday, October 9, 2011

C'mon, lets do this little dance...

Another sought-after record on Michelle. Actually, I didn't know how sought-after until I started looking around for info. Except for the drill hole, this copy's as clean as they come. I guess it deserves a protective plastic sleeve, huh?

I also never noticed that the release number is only one digit off the Lee Tillman 45 I posted yesterday. So, maybe it's the same musicians playing on both records? Certainly sounds like a possibility to me.

Hard to imagine that such a great tune never saw a release on a major label. Joe Tex had to have been under contract with Dial at the time. But then he wasn't such hot property until 1967, so maybe no one cared too much if he moonlighted?

While I don't know that anyone has a firm release date for this record, there was a period in 1963 when it looks like he may have taken a short hiatus from Dial and releases were issued on Checker, Ace, Soul Sound, and possibly Michelle.

The odd thing is, this 45 sounds to me as if it was made in 1965 or '66. If the vaguely psychedelic flip-side, "Next Time She's Mine" was recorded in 1963 then it's clearly one of the strangest recordings of it's day by any R&B artist. More than anything, it reminds me of something Eric Burden & The Animals would do several years later.

Obviously, I can't find a trustworthy Joe Tex discography, or for that matter, one for Michelle/Montel releases. If anyone has solid info, I'd love to see it.

Hope ya'll enjoy.....


  1. Very interesting. I hope you will post the flip side too, please and thank you!

  2. Ha! I got some money and I'm gonna spend it....on all these tracks you keep hipping me to - a fine Joe Tex side that wasn't familiar to me.

    I'll try to remember to get the Michelle/Montel discographies out of the R&B Indies this weekend for you. My friend has a copy. I was super broke when the first edition came out. I will not miss the second edition though. These books are pretty essential. I'm just glad I have a copy I can reference from time to time. I think the first edition was around $500 for all four volumes when they came out. The second edition promises to be even bigger.

  3. My reference book dates it as 1964.

  4. Jon...I may post the flip soon. It's definitely a weird one.

    Austin....$500 buys a lot of records.

    rekkids...thanks for looking it up. That makes a little more sense, but could still mean it was recorded in '63 as I presume '64 is the release date.

  5. Fantastic, one I've never heard! I would agree with a '63 date based on the sound.

  6. It was also issued as Montel 934, '64 sounds about right to me. I'd send a scan of the Montel label but I have no idea how to post it in this box.

  7. Hound...thanks for the info. I've seen where records were issued as both Montel and Michelle before but didn't realize this was one of them. In fact I can't recall ever seeing a Montel labeled edition before.

    Interesting that Sam Montalbano was so loose with the label names but kept the issue numbers the same.

    There are of course 45's labeled Montel/Michelle as well.

  8. Not that it matters, but I'm under the impression that the daughter for whom the Michelle label was named goes by the name 'Michelle Montel'.

  9. Could you pls post the other side as well???


  10. Me too, I'd love to hear the flip side. By the way the Soul Bag Joe Tex discography (which is pretty complete) doesn't have this single at all.

    1. Soulfulkindamusic has it.