Sunday, July 3, 2011

Drop out...

As far as I know, this is Mildred Scott's only 45. Just in case you're tempted to poke around for info, this is not the same woman as Mildred Vaney, aka Mildred Scott, out of Detroit. It's someone else.

I've nothing factual on Scott [don't know that anyone does], but I will say this: to my ears she sounds a good bit like the Marilyn Scott who recorded with Johnny Otis in the early 50's. I'd be as surprised as anyone if there's a connection, but I do wonder.

Big Bee was apparently associated with the elusive Booker/Invicta labels. If there's another release on the imprint, I'm not aware of it. [Correction: Bob of the blogs Dead Wax and That's All Rite Mama has pointed out two other releases on Big Bee.]

Hope ya'll enjoy....


  1. On the same Big Bee label :

    #400 Little Hulon Vining And The Hill Billies
    Hide And Go Seek (wr. H.Vining) / Santa Don't Always Bring Happiness
    ("The big new sound of the Booker Records" says the label)

    #516 Little Hulon Vining
    I Don't Have To Cry Anymore / So Tired Of Crying Over You

  2. Thanks a bunch for the info Bob. Now that I think about it, I have seen at least one of the Hulon Vining records. Do you own either 45? I don't recall having ever heard them.

    Interesting that the Hill Billies are credited once again.

  3. Do you know a release year? Thanks Drunk

  4. Sure don't DrunkenHobo, but my guess would be '62/'63/'64.

  5. Excellent tune. Thank you!