Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tell me baby, what wrong have I done?

I grew up listening to the Maytals and own an awful lot of their records. Something like five or six Jamaican and English albums never released in the U.S. [at least initially], every album issued in the U.S. from "Reggae Got Soul" up to "Toots in Memphis", several comps on CD.....

And then there are the Jamaican pressed singles, some of which are different versions than what appeared on albums. Even well known songs often show up with a different mix on 45 [sometimes with an instrumental version as well].

Anyway, even after all that exposure to the Maytals I still occasionally find stuff on 45 that I've never heard before. But not in this case. Actually, I thought it was a "personal unknown" when I picked it out of a box of unsleeved 45s, but jeeze was I ever surprised when I gave it a listen. The record is mislabeled, it's actually a copy of "Treating Me Bad", one of the groups early great ones. Not a bad score for less than a buck.

Just so happens there's even footage from 1962 of the Maytals singing this song, which makes the post even sweeter. Check the clip below.

In case ya'll are wondering about the scratchy records I've been posting lately, I'm not really doing it on purpose. I'm just having fun digging through a pile of interesting 45s that don't normally get spins....often because they're too beat up for polite company.

I'll get back to the cleaner 45s soon enough. Truth is, this rip doesn't sound all that much worse than the copy I have from a legitimately issued comp.

Hope ya'll enjoy.....


  1. the Maytals are no. 1 - so if u have more rare stuff of them: bring it on! cheers again

  2. Dig the name of your blog. The Maytals are icing on the cake! I like the sound of 45s when you can hear the history. My mom said that names written on records were so that you could get yours back at the end of the party. Thanks to you for putting in the work. Take care,
    Jerash Jordan

  3. As fine as the trashed 45 of "Treating Me Bad" is, the video takes it all up a few more notches. The band, bass player, the horns, the dancer adjusting the mic, people walking around, dancers, onlookers, all of this activity swirling around The Maytals, three as one, focused, eyes closed, putting it across with so much soul . . . fantastic!

  4. I'm not even sure I want to live in the alternate universe where all your records are mint, Ana. Hot damnation and the jimmyjamjoint!

    As always, thanks for your efforts to spread the groove deep wide and dangerous!



  5. Great side, scratches and all. Thank you! Also, nice video.

  6. Beautiful! Suiting my mood ... Thankyou!