Monday, May 30, 2011

Rock me....

Another one from the amazing, Johnny Love and The Amethyst Garnets.

In this chapter of our story, the band discovers the built-in beatbox settings on 10 year old Gary Love's Hammond Fun-Machine. Eureka!

The results really are impressive given the band's limitations. I totally made-up the part about 10 year old Gary Love. Ya see, my newest theory is that two thirds of the Amethyst Garnets were children.

DIY gospel based soul at it's most amateurish. But don't let that description put you off. The cut's all the more beautiful for lack of polish.

A genuine amethyst-garnet [???] in the rough.

Hope ya'll enjoy...


  1. "A little to the left"

    Great stuff!

  2. Very nice. Thank you! Is part 2 worth a spin?

  3. Jem...part 2 is just the instrumental track, which I like, but am doubtful most would appreciate. If you'd like a copy, give me a buzz, I'll send it on.

  4. Love this! Here I am catching up....

  5. Hi, I just discovered your blog and am absolutely loving it.. This one is my fave tune so far, but I seem to be thinking that about each tune as I listen to them! I'd be interested in part 2 of this one.. love the simplicity of the backing.
    Thanks.. DaveO