Sunday, May 8, 2011

I was a fool....

I have an odd relationship with Willie Tee's output. On the whole his records are not really my thing, often a little too slick, too breezy, too "jazzy" without actually being jazz.....but then there are times when the tunes seem so perfectly realized that the word "crystalline" comes to mind.

Which probably only means I have to be in the right mood to appreciate them. It may also mean that some day, when I grow up, I may well treasure his recordings.

Anyway, this 45 is the exception to the rule. I love it so much that I probably need to buy a new copy. That hint of groove wear is all my doing. Given that the vinyl was almost perfect when I got it, that translates as what?......a minimum of a hundred needle drops?

It's that amazing guitar solo, and then, towards the end, that scream. I can't really tell you why it works for me. It just does.

Hope ya'll enjoy...Earl King wrote the tune, Wardell Quezergue produced it.

[Oops, an obvious screw up, the tune was written by Willie Tee. Earl King wrote the flip-side]


  1. I would normally be in the same camp as you as far an artist being "too perfect." Willie Tee is the exception. I can't get enough of his output. I think my copy of "First Taste of Hurt" spent three weeks on my turntable. It's just ridiculously good, a song that absolutely should have been a massive hit. I also love all the releases he had on Atlantic.

  2. Hi, and thanks for doing this blog. Always a pleasure to see what you'll come up with next. Robert in Tucson

  3. Just found this blog, marvelous. As a big fan of NO-music it would be treasure for me to explore next few days (weeks?)

  4. Funny; I think YOU KNOW how much I love Willie Tee. I am not a jazz fan AT ALL...But it doesn't surprise me that you love this record. It's so so so good.

  5. Amazing song - thanks

  6. So is the flip side worth posting? Hint, hint.
    -- Jon

  7. I hope your family is doing ok

  8. Hi
    Just revisiting your blog after a bit of a sabbatical. The Wille Tee link is no longer working and after hearing the track on YouTube must agree that it is a fab track ... any chance of re-upping?

  9. soul-strutter....Apparently someone objected to this post and thus the file has been deleted.....a situation which I'm sorry about on several different levels. So, no, I'm sorry I won't be re-upping this one.