Monday, May 23, 2011 fall in love with me

This one goes out to Lady Mem'fis, aka Jackie Johnson. Took me more than a year to find a copy, in fact I wasn't even sure any copies still existed until six months ago. Hope you enjoy it hon. It's been a total pleasure.

Recorded at Cos Matassa's studio while she was still in her teens, this is the only record on which Johnson gets sole credit. If you'll check "Jackie Johnson" in the sidebar you can hear one of her sides with Bobby Powell, with whom she worked as a duo in the New Orleans area. She also wrote that song. It's fabulous.

The Tulane label is ultra-obscure. The RnB Indies only lists one 45 on the label, but that information is incomplete. There are three known releases, this 45 being one of the two that's not listed, the other being the first release by Ray Washington, aka Guitar Ray.

Hope ya'll enjoy...


  1. Tulane 45 - 104 : Young Louis Armstrong & The Rainbows Of Rhythm Dynamo - Talking About You / ?

  2. Oh its a fast Rock 'N' Roll Stroller in New orleans style well worth a listen

  3. Charming. A bit reminiscent of Irma Thomas, no? -- Jon

  4. DrunkenHobo...Do you by any chance own that record?

    For my part, I'm not sure the 45 was actually released. But then I'm of the crowd that requires a label scan before I mark a record as "known". So far, I haven't seen one, nor has anyone else I know.

    If you have said scans, I'd love to see them. It would be news to a number of folks.

  5. Its on a UK bootleg CD called Stompin' Volume 28
    download link

    But no living in the UK I'm never going to find a original 45rpm & have never seen one.

  6. Great record and Lucky me!! I just found a nice copy on Gemm Music for not too much money.