Thursday, February 24, 2011

You don't know....

We're still getting used to the new Momma/Poppa/Baby Bear dynamic, but ya know, so far it's not nearly as big of deal as I expected. A little early to say for sure, but could be we've got ourselves a happy [as opposed to cranky] baby. She seems very good to me, which I suppose means she doesn't take after her mama at all.

Can I say I'm totally relieved the pregnancy is over? I-really-did-not-enjoy-it-one-bit. I mean, what's there to enjoy about feeling like you're mutating into a whale...complete with blubber, bristles, and the inability to walk on dry land? Personally speaking, I think it's worth beaucoup bucks to no longer have 7+ pounds pressing on my bladder or alternatively pushing against my lungs so hard that I can't breathe. Does that make me weird?

Anyway, I feel like I've been given my life back rather than had it taken away. Baby Girl, I can deal with. Feeling like total shit all the time is a whole other story. I think I did very well over the last six months not to fill this blog with insane rants about swelling feet, itching skin, or how my hair color suddenly changed to black.

Continuing in that vein, I promise to only bring up the subject of "babywearing" when absolutely necessary. Recipes for baby food and "breast pumps" are also off limits. Please take note.
Here's another pre-Stax 45 by Ruby Johnson. I'm not sure about the yellow label, most of the Neb's issues I've seen have red labels. Could be this is an early re-issue. Which doesn't really matter to me 'cause I got it ultra-cheap.

I said it the last time I posted Ruby Johnson and I still can't think of a better description of her recordings.....the girl is ferocious.

My only complaint is that I can't crank it up at the moment......

But ya'll can, right?


  1. What I really love about your blog, Ana, (other than the consistently slamming music), is the personal touch that arrives with each offering. We are treated not just to a listing of session info or historical data — though vitals details are surely accounted for — instead we get a sense of what is important to you about the music. And that puts it in a context that makes the whole experience more meaningful. This is more like a slow-motion radio station than a juke with eternal resupply (which wouldn't even be half-bad).

  2. What gilhodges said.
    Also- congrats on the new arrival!

  3. Gilhodges....Such a sweet note. Thank you. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

    I'm glad to know the blog reads as a slo-mo radio station. That's absolutely how I think of it. There's even some programming involved. I don't post just any 'ol 45 simply because I happen to like it. If I did there'd be an awful lot of Kinks singles thrown into the mix.

  4. Welcome home... and, I agree, kids are definitely cooler on the outside!