Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I don't know about ya'll out there....

A very sweet and somewhat hard to find record by Bobby LaCour. Strictly speaking it's one of three total, although there is another 45 credited to someone else on which LaCour provides minimal vocals. I've yet to find a copy of that one.

More or less my theme song at the moment. I happen to like LaCour's version better than George Jackson's original. It's a little more upbeat, the horn chart is tighter, and there are no annoying back up singers. LaCour may not have been quite the singer that Jackson was but certainly has his own special appeal. I wish he'd recorded more.

On the whole, Senator Jones' productions get little love, but in my opinion the Bobby LaCour sides are different. Notice the name John Berthelot on the label. He undoubtedly did the actual production work. Berthelot is a well respected composer/arranger/music teacher/ex-label owner who still occasionally plays jazz around New Orleans.

Hope ya'll enjoy....