Monday, February 28, 2011

Huggin' and kissin' is what I've been missin'........

I was supposed to get this post up earlier today, in fact I've been trying to post this record for a very long time. But there have been problems......

First: This record brings up a lot of memories. It's one of my dad's favorites, and I undoubtedly heard it for the first time as a kid in my grandmother's house. That's the house where I developed my fascination with records. My grandmother is now dead and very much missed. Every time I've tried to write something about this cut in the past, I've gotten bogged down in worthy, but also very messy, sentiment. Playing this record is like having an old friend visit.

Second: I have a good bit of anecdotal evidence that this record sold because of this b-side, not because of "Confessin' A Feeling" which is the cut listed as making the charts. Thus I get a little twisted-up every time I try to figure out how that could possibly be and find myself close to shouting, "Isn't it obvious, this side was the real hit!!!". I have no doubt "Confessing' A Feeling" got a lot of airplay, but apparently what people remembered at the record store were those times when DJs flipped the 45 over. And they did flip it over. Folks in Texas tell me the song was in rotation on Top 40 radio stations. My dad say's there was a time in New Orleans when you couldn't go to a party without hearing "Got'a Get My Baby Back Home" played five times in a row.

That about covers it. At least I finally got something written. Such as it is.

Derek's got "Confessin' A Feeling" posted here. Don't be confused by the different label, his is the issue distributed nationally, mine's the local pressing.

Hope ya'll enjoy the non-hit b-side [uh huh].....

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