Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dance while you can....

I doubt you'll see this clip posted anywhere else, but I think Unc would approve.

Looking sharp, dancing with the ladies, drinking Miller High Life. Notice the watch worn on the hand, not the wrist. That's whatcha call style darlin'.

Folks have been celebrating Lionel Batiste Sr.'s life for more than a week now, including a second line parade last Saturday.

The procession is tomorrow. It will undoubtedly be huge.

[Update: unfortunately we had a lot of rain yesterday.......which always includes some flooding. The second line parade was re-scheduled for Monday]


  1. I had not heard of Uncle Lionel before today, but now I feel like I know him very well. Wonderful clip. How I wish there were bars like this in my home town.

    RIP Lionel Paul Batiste Sr.