Tuesday, March 13, 2012

With all of my heart....I'm not ashamed

Marguerite Wright, aka Margo White, made a scarce few records but damn they're nice.

Actually, I forget the exact count. One with Cookie & The Cupcakes on Khoury [?]......a couple more for Floyd Solieau's Jin label....a couple with Bill Parker for Goldband.....and two [or is it three?] for Huey Meaux owned labels.

After that, nothing, not a peep. She could well have died in 1970 for all anyone knows.

While I wouldn't say her version of Bobby Bland's "I'm Not Ashamed" is exactly 'revered' in Southern Louisiana.....it still comes awful close. Last time I was up by St. Landry Parish I heard a local band cover the tune and I guarantee you they'd never heard of Bobby Bland.

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of both sides of the 45. In fact, I initially meant to feature "With All Of My Heart" all by itself.....but then, I don't know that you'd get a true feeling for how good this 45 is without including "I'm Not Ashamed".

In my part of the world this is a $5 record, but ya know, I'd never give up this copy. It would simply leave too big of hole in my collection if I did.

So, big news huh?, local girl loves perennially popular local record. Hope ya'll do too.


  1. This 45 was issued with a picture sleeve, which has ... a Margo White picture. See (plus some info) :


    1. I knew I'd seen the picture sleeve posted within the last year but couldn't remember where....thanks for the reminder, and the link.

  2. I've recently found a Margo White album on Spotify ("I´m A Lover Not A Fighter"). Nine songs that seem to be from the Huey Meaux era.

    1. That's a nice album. I think it was released in the late seventies or early eighties. I forget what's on it exactly, but Meaux was definitely responsible for re-issuing a number of sides recorded by Soileau.

  3. thank you

    Johnny's coming Home
    Down by the Sea
    Margo White & the Cupcakes
    Kourys 729

    Don't Mess with my Man
    You Had Your Chance
    Margo White & the Boogie Kings(Clint West)

    Margo White -I've Got a Right To Lose My Mind
    Crazy Cajun CCLP-1062
    Great Lp with the Teardrops 45
    Sound like Joe Long is Playing Guitar in There

    never heard of Margo White with Bill Parker

    thank you

  4. Grrreat tune, have also that single, but with ordinary (?) blue labels.


    1. I'm not 100% sure about the color thing, but the 'blues' are def more common and in fact some titles are still being pressed with that label currently.

  5. Crazy Cajun CCLP-1062 Stereo 1978
    I've Got a Right To Lose My Mind

    01a I'M A Lover Not A Fighter
    02a Why Do I Cry
    03a Over You
    04a Neighbor,Neighbor
    05a Sometimes

    01b Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
    02b Win My Love & Break My Heart
    03b i've Got A Right To Lose My Mind
    04b If Only You Were Here

    if only you were here/I've got a right - Teardrops 3043
    & Jin 45-187cc

  6. Great single, ana, & thank you Bob for addt'l info!

  7. These are really fine. On first listen I probably favor "With All of My Heart" due to years-long familiarity with BBB's "I'm Not Ashamed," but Margo White's is no "also ran" fer shure.

  8. Lovely.

    Lots of Margo fans out there by the looks of things. Margo is new to me though. Thanks.

  9. wow! You're on a roll again Ana. I've been furiously catching up.

  10. Love the Jin label. There have been loads of re-issue CDs here in the UK. I even went on pilgrimage to Ville Platte the last time I was in the USA. I hadn't heard this one before, so thanks for that....