Saturday, March 24, 2012

Give me boss action.....

An atypical cut for a group more commonly known for sweet ballads of the sort beloved by the lowrider crowd. While these guys obviously knew how to funk it up, I've never heard anything else they recorded that even comes close to this monster jam.

Yeah you rite, the funkateers love it.....thus the 45 rarely goes for cheap.

The Enchanting Enchanters originated in East Chicago, Indiana and recorded this 45 for the owners of the Steeltown label [who first recorded the Jackson 5] in Gary, Indiana. BenMoKeith is a mashup of their names: Ben Brown, Maurice Rogers, and Gordon Keith. I may be wrong, but I believe the label is a 'one-off'.

Hope ya'll enjoy........


  1. Awesome! You know I just love one-off labels with random issue #'s.....

    1. I haven't checked but it could be the numbers are sequential with Steeltown issues.

      As of last summer, Denise had a small stack of NOS copies. Not cheap but not entirely out of line either. She may still have some.