Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Loose Ends No.2

The perfect follow-up to the last post?

I don't think Tail-Gate 1003 has ever been comped. Sir Shambling's site looks to be the source of all previous internet postings of "Understanding", including those now on you tube [last year I posted a copy taken from there as well].

Beyond that, Mr. Finewine has def got himself a copy, has played both sides of the 45 on his radio show at one time or another, but I see absolutely nothing else online that leads me back to a comp or even another vinyl rip.

Ya'll can check out what Sir Shambling has to say, here, although I should point out that Jackie Avery actually has three 45s to his name. The third being, "I'm A Believer/Have A Little Faith", issued on Redwal 14/15....a label directly related to Avery's boss at Capricorn, Phil Walden.

Yeah, it's a bit strange to be sending ya'll off to another site where you can also hear "Understanding", but Sir Shambling writes much better than I, and well.....this is the second most expensive 45 I own....the only thing that could possibly stop me from posting it is if the world suddenly came to an end.

It's also not every day you get to hear two cuts from rare 45s, sung independently by a married couple, played back-to-back. In the end, I just couldn't resist the temptation [nor could I think of a better way to phrase it].

Hope ya'll enjoy......

[Not that it will matter to most, but I forgot to mention that this 45 has a tell-tale 'Cos' signature in the dead wax area. That means Cos Matassa hand-cut the master.]


  1. Awesome! Thanks! The song seems really familiar, did anyone else cover it?

  2. That is good !
    Thanks !

  3. Colby...I have wondered that exact same thing myself and never found an answer. Maybe it just sounds like another tune? If so, I can't place it either. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    Rekkids...glad ya like it!

  4. Quelle voice! Thanks for the introduction. How's the b-side? (Hint.)

  5. pleasure.

    Jon...the flip-side is a very nice funky thing. I'll be posting it soon.

  6. Colby...nice try, but not what I'm thinking. Told ya it's a tough one to place!

  7. On a related note, I've come across two copies now of the Jackie Avery 45 "Your Love Is Bigger Than Baseball" BW "Your Love, and both have had offset center holes rendering them unplayable....not sure if the whole run was defective or this is just a huge coincidence....

    ps, Ana, could you shoot me your email? colbito (at) gmail

  8. Colby...I'm not a huge fan of that record, so I don't own a copy, but I'm pretty sure i've heard it played without an obvious warble sound to it.

    I'll drop you a line, but I generally use the email I post on the blog: singbones@yahoo;com

  9. oops...that's yahoo dot com...not yahoo semicolon com