Sunday, April 25, 2010

C'mon baby!

I'm only aware of three singles by Sister and the Brothers, although there could well be others. Something makes me think there's an album too???

Anyway, as usual, I know a little more about the record than the artist. This is the original release of a 45 much more commonly seen on the Uni label. That is, if you see it at all.

It was definitely recorded at Deep South Studios in Baton Rouge. My guess is that it's from 1970. Nice of someone to write that out in magic marker on the a-side, doncha think?

Hope ya like...


  1. I wonder if Flatt & Scruggs ever heard of these little ditties ... ;-)

  2. Way cool! Thanks for posting this gem.

  3. Thanks Ana for the cool records. Good sound as well!