Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm so sorry...

So, what do you get when let Andre Williams co-produce an Ernie K. Doe record?

Well, first off, there's that damn banjo....but mostly ya get a slow gospel-type screamer from a man who really knew how to scream.

Hope ya like it.

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  1. I got this nice note from Ben concerning this record. I've given him the info I have...but if anyone knows anything at all, I'm sure he'd love to hear from you. In case you don't know, Ben is the author of a very nice book called Zydeco! and plays drums with the Hackberry Ramblers.

    Hi Ana B,

    I just read the discussion of this great song, and will spend hours on the blog perusing/listening

    Did you mean that K-Doe's "I'm Sorry" sounds like something Andre Williams could have produced -- or that Williams actually produced it? I’m writing a book about K-Doe and am very interested in all such info.

    One night on WWOZ K-Doe played this song and announced that the back up singers were The Mighty Clouds of Joy, but when I interviewed Joe Ligon from the Mighty Clouds he said that they didn’t sing on it. Although they did know K-Doe.

    Any info you have on Williams’ possible involvement with this, and any info on K-Doe’s other Duke sides would be greatly appreciated -- who produced them, who played on them, were they recorded in N.O. or Houston, etc. There’s very little info about them out there, and very few people still living who can be asked.

    Thanks and all best,

    Ben Sandmel