Sunday, February 7, 2010

Baby, please forgive me...

Bar-none, this is the most disturbing 45 James Brown ever issued. And I don't mean just the one song.....the flip-side is disturbing on a whole other supremely f**ked-up level.

What ya got here is 'St. James Infirmary' collapsing into the [psychotic] moanin' and screamin' that song always implied.....while the drummer mimic's the sound of a shovel digging a grave....

Best mark this one: very-hard-core.

[In the comments, J. reminded me that the original is by the Dominos. I'm posting it was well. I don't remember where I got the file. All power to the original ripper. Sounds like it comes off a 78.]


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  2. Hi Ana,

    You probably heard (what I always assumed was)the original version by the Dominoes with young Clyde McPhatter sobbing his heart out. I set the cat among the pigeons when I suggested it was great fun but daft, on a forum set up by the british DJ & writer Charlie Gillet. He profoundly disagreed & no one else came to my aid but I stick by the opinion. This version is perhaps a little darker, & a goody, but it still don't scare me none.

    As usual your choices of records are great.


  3. Hey J....Thanks for reminding me of the version by the Domino's, I'd totally forgotten about it. I'll add that version to the post. I presume it's the original. I think Brown's version is quite a bit darker, McPhatter & Co. do it as more of a goofy novelty song.


  4. That is a very powerful tune- Thanks a ton- Imo play it on the radio- BOOMING BASSLINES

  5. Hey Booming....totally agree..

    Btw, nice nice nice blog...I'm linking with ya.