Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby don't do it!

Here's one of four Don Covay sides on Rosemart, which as far as I know were the only four sides ever issued on the label. Appearances suggest that the label was set up by Atlantic records as part of a scheme to channel money to a powerful DJ of the day [he was listed as label owner-of-record, Atlantic distributed the singles nationally].

Those who've heard both 45's will know that not only did the Rolling Stones cover one of the Rosemart sides note for note [Mercy Mercy], they also straight-up lifted Covay's entire sound for their more soul-inflected period, circa 1965-66. Those who haven't heard the records before may be in for a shock as the sound is so very 'Stones-like'.

...from 1964, Please Don't Let Me Know


  1. Nice find. I've got a couple of Don Covay Atlantic LPs, but wasn't aware of these Rosemart sides...

  2. The Rosemart singles usually go for cheap, 5 to 7 bucks...or at least they do around here.

    I didn't mention it in the post [because it's unsubstantiated], but a lot of folks think that Jimi Hendrix is playing on a couple of the sides. Truthfully, I don't hear it at all. I just like the loose garage sound of the singles.

    As far I'm concerned, all of Don Covay is worth picking up. He was one of the better writers ever. Wrote, Chain Of Fools, didn't he...hundreds of others as well.