Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you talkin' to me?

I have a very serious thing for Lee Dorsey.

If the man were still alive, I'd be stalking him.



  1. Me too! Coincidentally, I bought a few Lee Dorsey discs today

  2. Hey Jukebox, why am i not surprised you're a fan too?

    Yeah, i've been picking up some missing pieces of the Dorsey puzzle....

    Bang for the buck factor is very high. I can't think of a single Dorsey 45 that doesn't make me smile.


  3. i might not be stalking, but I still remember the first time I ever hear "coalmine" way back in the `60s... I was a young teen, struggling between trying to be long haired hippie -hip and yet feeling so passionate about soul and r`n`b...
    a lovely paradox to be sure !