Monday, August 24, 2009

Turn me on...

Funny thing is, when I started looking for Deacon John 45's I didn't realize how few of them there are.

As far as I know, only three. One on the RIP label, one on Wand [as Johnny Moore], and this one on Bell.

Which is surprising given that he's a great singer....played as session guitarist on more records than I can possibly name....and had, for years, a very popular band in New fact, has never stopped playing gigs.

50 years of playing, and still going strong. He's now a member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and received a truck-load of praise for his album/show, Deacon John's Jump Blues....[you can see the entire, project related, movie....Going Home to New Orleans, here.]

Hope ya enjoy...

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  1. Paul Varisco, one of the writers of this song, is an amazing of those people who has done everything and met everybody. I mentioned this record to him one day and he replied laughing "Oh, to be young again..."