Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'll be around...

Arguably the strangest of several strange sides recorded by G.L. Crockett for the 4 Brothers label; this song is perfect for playing on a mid-August evening after a long hot day.

Ya know, one of those evenings when it's still too hot to do much except maybe sit on the back porch with some friends....have a few beers......

Maybe, dance a little bit with your sweetheart?...just a shuffle will do.

No need to break a sweat.


  1. I first heard the other side of this back in the late 70s on a John Peel(RIP) radio show (you may not be familiar with JP, suffice to say he was a legend in the UK with the most eclectic of radio shows on the BBC: punk-reggae-deep soul-general weirdness he played it all). I recorded it on cassette when he played it and never forgot it. Finally bought a copy a few years ago, and then of course found this, the b side. Another great track, perfectly complimented with your comments - you have a lovely way with words ana-b.

    And you wrote this on our daughter's 21st birthday. Lovely again.

  2. Thanks for the ultra-nice compliment Darcy...actually, I have big-time problems with words and sentence structure. I'm dyslexic. So maybe you can imagine how much the compliment means to me.

    Sure, I know of John Peel, mainly through various 'Peel Sessions'.

    Interesting that the song stuck with you that long. Says quite alot for John Peel, in and of itself.