Sunday, August 30, 2009

Say it again girl..

Probably the stupidest group name ever...

This record was given to me by a friend who often throws me his 'seconds', so I assumed the less than stellar sound of the record was a question of wear...

But since then, I've heard several other copies and they all suffer the same problems as mine. In fact, it turns out my copy is pretty-darn-good.

Too bad, as the arrangement is gorgeous...but there's not much that can be done about a lousy mix or an apparently shoddy pressing. Even the re-mastered/re-mixed version of the song on the comp, Calla Records: Soul of The Sixties, exhibits some of the same problems as most, if not all, 45 copies.

On the other hand, I could be totally wrong and the problem is simply that most existing copies of this record were the subject of heavy-duty jukebox/DJ rotation....something I can totally understand, as the song flat-out rocks.



  1. Actually, this pressing sounds really good compared to my copy of "Love Power" where the background hiss almost overshadows the music. By the way, love your blog.

  2. Thanks YankeeBoy...

    Yeah it sucks when ya get a badly pressed copy...even worse when all copies sound bad. Hard to imagine that the labels weren't more concerned about sound, on the whole.


  3. Stopped by your blog Yankeeboy...I like it.

    A nice mix of things...I'll be back.


  4. Hi Ana -
    Check out the Johnny Thunder cover at ....
    it's retitled "Verbal Expressions of TV" (??!?)

  5. Holy Shit!, Holly...that's mindblowing.

    As someone points out in the comments, they [meaning Tommy James and Johnny Thunder] lifted the instrumental tracks from both songs, whole, and then overdubbed the vocals. To amazing effect, I must say.

    Me now haz to find a copy.

    Thanks a bunch was already on my list, but just cause of the heads-up I'm gonna be sure and post the flip side of the Bobby LaCour soon....just for you...


  6. its the same over here : my "hear me the first time " sandpebbles 45 sounds medium ,plus steady crackling the last 20 sec.
    so i sortet it out ,even if it took a longer time to get my favourite version of that song by madeline bell (phillips)
    (i prefer the harder hitting drum sound)

    and it happened again : hearing the (imho) nicer brass & beat of dusty springfield's "love power" (lp version only ,mojo club ,vol 10) ,made my sandpebbles 45 staying in the back row .

    p.s. thank you for sharing lots of lovely tracks i never heard before ,and i havn't seen the whole blog yet.
    a nice weekend & have fun.