Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I don't hear you...

Here's a record that always makes me laugh. Jessie Hill, taunted by his 'children' on the Chess label. Oddly enough, I don't know anyone who's bothered to seek out a copy. To my mind it's one of his more interesting releases.

My copy is a one-sided DJ pressing. Since I've never seen a regularly issued 45 of the record, I have no idea what the flip-side is. Huey Meaux is listed as producer. Hill and Mac Rebenneck share writing credits.


  1. The b-side is "Something Ought To Be Done About You", writer credits go to Huey Meaux.
    Haven't heard it but if I ever come across it
    I'll send you an mp3.

    Davie G.

  2. Funny you should find info on this record. A couple of weeks ago I was offered a copy by a collector. Still haven't heard back from him though as he has to find the 45 first [it's a very big collection, and I presume I'm not at the top of his to-do list].

    Still, I do hope to have a copy soon. Funny thing is I still haven't heard "Something Ought To Be Done About You", so I'd love an mp3 if you find one.