Monday, July 27, 2009

Come back to me...

Prince La La only released four sides on the A.F.O. label before he died at age 27 (two more unreleased songs showed up on a comp in the 90's). This song, Come Back To Me, is one of his less commonly heard recordings.

Those lazy horns get me every time.

I'm offering up one of the unreleased songs as well, Need You, which Harold Battiste credits as the forerunner of the impulse behind the Dr. John, Night Tripper recordings...and he ought to know as he produced all the sessions in question.


  1. Ana:

    A lot of this stuff is new to me - Thanks for


  2. Glad you're hearing a few new things James. While i'm not specifically trying to be obscure, I do think there are some great songs which don't get played that often.