Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby, I need you.....

I've spent a fair amount of effort trying to trace this 45.....and every time I think I might have something, it turns out to be utterly inconsequential.

So, Hillery [Hillary on the other Electrostats 45] McGinnis? Well, beyond the fact that nobody knows anything about him, there are a number of Hillary, Hilary, and H. McGinnis' in Southern Louisiana. In fact, McGinnis, as a last name, isn't exactly what ya might call 'uncommon' in the area. I suppose I could spend a week calling them all..............

Three Oaks? Well, the only local reference I can think of is to the old plantation house that the corporate predecessor to Domino Sugar bulldozed in the late sixties for absolutely no reason at all. [A pox on those involved].

21st Century Studio in New Orleans? That's a real head scratcher. Outside of the releases on Three Oaks, I've only ever found that credit on one other record. The Isaac Clark 45 I posted awhile back on the Finger Tips label. If anyone has any info on the place, I'd love to hear about it.

Arranger Tommy Morel? Well, yeah, there is/was a rather well known man by that name in the city [I think he might live in Dallas now]. He's an ex-football player/business man. Having once met him about 10 years ago, I seriously doubt there's a connection.

As far as I can tell, none of the three [!] publishing companies listed on the label show up in the BMI database. However, there was a company called Mempro, which marketed itself as an "all-inclusive" artist representative, based in Memphis. Again, I doubt there's a connection...but who knows?

Obviously, I don't.

Hope ya'll enjoy. Sir Shambling calls the tune "insidious".

I call it a sleeper.........


  1. This is great, ana, thank you!

  2. Good track, it sounds like Philly soul to me, pre Gamble & Huff.

  3. This is so so heavy. My life will be so different now

  4. Missing you!... I hope you are well

  5. Love this. Thanks so much for sharing all this amazing music. The Singing Bones playlist on my iPod is filling up nicely. Good things, Wilf Of Hove, UK