Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Once I was lost....

Yesterday was rough. A funeral in the morning followed by the arrival of a girlfriend from Upstate NY who's lost everything in recent flooding. Poor thing is still in shock.

Unfortunately we don't have much in the way of stability to offer given that we're in the midst of moving, but I suppose it's better than sleeping on a cot in a shelter. And it will get better soon even though I could personally strangle the idiot who planned this little misadventure with the movers [me]. The timing couldn't possibly be any worse.

Anyway, after re-scheduling twice, it looks like we'll finally be moving on Friday.
I'm fairly sure this is another Wardell Quezergue effort but since he's not credited on the record label, I can't say for certain. I tried asking the good folks on the Southern Soul message board if they could confirm Mr. Q's input, but apparently the question is either too boring or nobody actually knows the answer.

Or maybe the answer is just too obvious? Seems very likely to me that Mr. Q was responsible for three of the four sides issued on Johnny Adams' two best selling singles for the SSS International label. Could be that's all that needs to be said.

This is from the local New Orleans pressing....hope ya'll enjoy.

Before I forget, I need to thank Alison Fensterstock of the Time-Picayune for mentioning the blog, here, along with Dan Phillips' Home of the Groove, Larry Grogan's Funky 16 Corners, and Red Kelly's blogs the A-Side, B-side, and Soul Detective. I'm totally flattered to be included in such fine company. A little bit of local attention ain't too bad either.

While I'm at it, here's a clip of Johnny Adams making it all look so very easy.


  1. Where in upstate Ny ?

  2. rekkids...she had a little place in Fleschmans [sp?]. It was pushed off the foundation and across the street.

    After spending a few days down by New Paltz, she gave me a call. And I'm glad she did.

    I had some great times in the Catskills when I was going to school in NYC. A very beautiful place. It kills me that the area has been so hard hit.

    Several other friends have seen flooding as well.

  3. I only had the pleasure off seeing Johnny Adams once- at a Saturday afternoon "Jambalya Jam" outdoor show in Philly. Not a great venue, but what an amazing singer, I doubt he ever hit a bad note in his life.

  4. I have a scan of the SSS International label for this one. It says 'arranged by D. C. Wardell'.

  5. Jorrox...thanks for the info. I couldn't find a scan of that release before I posted.

    D.C. Wardell is a Quezergue pseudonym.