Friday, September 2, 2011

Everybody everywhere...

Time to funk shit up.

One of ten records I would hope is in my bag if I'm ever stranded in a cheap motel in far West Texas [my idea of a desert island]. Also one of the most sought after records on the True Soul label out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Don't ya dare pass up Part 2......right when the band signals they're ready to hit that monstrous groove even harder, some extra heavy delay is laid on the vocals. The effect is spectacular. I can only wish these two sides had been released as an extended version on a 12 incher.


  1. Thanks Ana - it's always a treat to hear the cool sides that you post here. I am up to Singing Bones Vol. 15 now, each comp at 80 minutes strong!

  2. I was just about to say this track reminds me of something and whatever it is I think I have it - and as I started typing it came to me. I do have it and I have blogged it (such an ugly term!) and you commented on it Ana! - Detroit Emeralds - You're Getting A Little Too Smart (it's the pace and the swirly strings or whatever they are).

    And once again I will take this opportunity to say thank you for everything you post!

  3.'re absolutely right. The "strings" sound almost exactly the same. I once had occasion to play an old ARP string synthesizer. I'm pretty sure that's what's being used on Down Home Funk. Perhaps it's the same with You're Getting A Little Too Smart.