Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is called a groove maker...

I'm not sure if it's true of every recording released on Baton Rouge's Golden label [I haven't heard them all], but every Golden 45 I own sounds like it was recorded live in the studio using two microphones. The sessions maybe involving three takes at most.

On this particular cut, there's a whole 'funky chicken' guitar solo missing in action, the drums are way in the background...the song, such as it is, was probably made up on the spot.

Yep, screw ups abound on Golden, but the immediacy factor is very very high. Which is a good thing to have working in your favor on an awesome slab of garage-funk like this. Wait till they 'take it to the bridge' and then tell me your hair doesn't start to stand on end.

George Perkins is most well known for his anthemic "Cryin' In The Streets". I'm pretty sure the flip of this record, "How Can A Broke Man Survive", was meant to be the follow up to that song.

Turn it way up!

Hope ya enjoy.


  1. This is disgustingly good . . . . breaks all the rules and leaves 'em in the dust! Man, I'd hate to be the DJ at your wedding - talk about pressure!

  2. Awesome track. Four minutes in, and thes guys were just gettin started! I'd love to hear the whole uncut jam. It sounds like it could go on for a half an hour...

    Congrats on tying the knot too.

  3. hot damn! i never heard that one before. btw anyone who gives you shit about the dreads, is a moron. tell em i said so. i'm thinking about coming down to NO early like, maybe play bodyguard? what say you?


  4. Rockin is killer isn't it. friend James is gonna be spinning 78's[!!!] from his monster collection. He DJ'd my graduation party last year and it was a blast.

    C....a bodyguard? now that's an idea. I'd love it if you'd come down early. Check your email if you haven't already.


  5. New one to me, Ana! I like it.

  6. Hi Ana
    What an amazing choice. What a song! Also I wish you all the best in your wedding, sounds like it's going to be a fun party! Health and Happinness (and a lot of music!)

  7. Thanks for the George cut- only had "Streets" for years-

    Break a leg at your wedding- BOOMING BASSLINES

  8. Ana -


    Thanks for sharing this awesome song. You know I'd love to hear the flip as well ... Crying in the Streets is an absolute all-time favorite of mine.