Wednesday, May 16, 2012

She's the only one for me.....

I often buy cheap beat-up copies of expensive records. And mostly this works out great for me. I'd say 80% of them just need a good cleaning to sound much much better. But that scenario doesn't always play-out as expected, so occasionally I'm stuck with a truly sub-par record. By which I mean one that I'm not happy with at any price.

This is one of those records. The 45 doesn't turn up all that often and when it does, it's pricey. Ya know, I thought I was being smart to buy a cheapie. But I wasn't. Now I just have to find another copy.

Wouldn't be such a big deal except I absolutely love the record. Right?

Awhile back, a friend of mine just about had me convinced that Lonie [also Lonnie] Jones was actually my beloved Diamond Joe recording under a different name. Now, Dan Phillips assures me this isn't true, but ya know, that I would even consider the possibility only goes to show how good the record really is [and how my enthusiasm occasionally gets away from me].

So, for the time being, until I find a better copy, here's the b-side.

Such a lovely thing. One of two records by the artist, one of four on the label. Charles Brimmer deserves major kudos for the production..........


  1. First let me apologize in advance for the length of this ramble.I live in Seattle far away from the music but have been listening via the web to some Jazz Fest sets.Started poking around and found you.OMFG!! Lets say that work and life has suffered the last 4 days as my OCD has kicked in and I have read every post-may have to go back and read every comment at some point.Found an old ipod cleaned it out and uploaded every cut I could and have been listening obsessively.Love the choices and love the posts-enough to make me want more but not overdone to put me to sleep.The passion you have for the music,the city and your family oozes off the page.My only regret is I feel I have come late to the party and some of the best food has already been eaten-refering to some old dead links but I'm not complaining,just greedy! Please,please please in the words of JB don't stop.You husband is a lucky man and I hope your daughter grows up to love this music and the great city as much as you do.Thank you so much and you make me wish I was there.


    1. Joe, that comment may well be in the top ten of the nicest I've received since starting the blog. Thank you.

      If you'd like to contact me at I have a little something you may appreciate.

  2. i second what joe has said. your blog is truly amazing. having imbued me with much joy, as i am sure it has many others around the world. i live in manchester UK and have 12 singing bones cd's, turning heads come rain or shine. i've seen people on the pavement smile after hearing these songs if only for seconds.

    yet the selections and the music speaks for itself (infinite thanks for nathan abshire by the way)

    its your genuine enthusiasm for the music, civic pride!, and your often insightful comments that i've found really touching.

    thank you and please keep on doing what you've been doing


    1. Gosh, this must be "Ana Appreciation Day". Funny 'cause nobody told me.

      Seriously, you've no idea how much a comment like this means to me. Thank you.

  3. This is lovely ana, thank you.

    1. Glad ya like it. I think it's totally beautiful.