Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I guess I'll suffer....

Just so ya'll know, this blog gets a fair amount of traffic. I have no idea how the numbers compare with other blogs short of presuming that they're probably pathetic by some standards and possibly glorious by others. Either way, they're about 30 to 50 times higher than I think I deserve, which no doubt says more about my expectations than the actual numbers.

Anyway, this past week was one of the two best weeks traffic-wise that the blog has ever had, and for that I'd like to thank Doug Schulkind for featuring The Singing Bones in his weekly "Mining The Audio Motherlode" post on WFMU's "Beware The Blog". Such a kind man. Such a very kind gesture.

While I'm at it, I'd also like to re-thank both Gyro and Ryp over at Twilightzone! for offering up collections of my 45s this past fall.....and also Derek See at Derek's Daily 45 for allowing me to guest post on his blog more than a year ago. Both of those events served to bring a whole new layer of folks to this blog. I'm very grateful for that even if I'm not always the best at expressing it.

Now, I'm not a total fool. I know the increase in numbers don't really mean a thing beyond the fact that a few new readers might stick around. If you consider that 75% of my traffic is some combination of bots along with folks who clicked here by mistake [never ever mention breasts in a post on Mardi Gras], and then consider that 75% of those remaining people probably don't actually like what I've posted on any given day....only then do you get close to the number my download figures suggest is real.

And beyond that, I'm quite sure only a tiny fraction of even the folks who like the tunes bother to read the nonsense I write. Which is fine, I often find "me" tedious too.

Anyway, I'd like to thank all 50 of you who do read my posts. Without your occasional comments and feedback, I'd def pack it in. I don't especially enjoy feeling lonely in a crowd.
There are only eight known records by Billy Gayles [or Gales]. Of those, only six have his name on the label. All but one were recorded with Ike Turner. I say, "known" because there's a possibility I've found another. The investigators at Soul Detective may take up the case of that 45 in the future, but in the mean time the best guess is that it's Billy Gayles with some version of the Ike Turner crew.

This is not that mystery record. I plan on posting it next. This is the flip-side of Gayles' 1956 recording of "I'm Tore Up".....a less commonly heard side and one which, perversely enough, I've chosen precisely because it sounds nothing like what's coming up.

What an amazing voice....


  1. Nonsense! Your writing voice is engaging; your musical taste is impeccable.

  2. Now that's what I like. Please, call me on my BS whenever it seems appropriate Anon.

    Consider it a public service and hopefully enjoy the fact that you made me laugh.

  3. #48 checking in. love to you and yours!

  4. Oh yeah...I do like that "impeccable" stuff too.

  5. almost always make me laugh.

    #48. Check.

  6. i don't comment often (enough) but I too love the sounds and the words, so many thanks from me :) c

  7. You're too modest Ana! I have until now miserably failed to comment (does that make me #51?), but I almost always download, almost always love what I hear, and always always read the post. And I'm sure there are loads of others out there who do the same. As someone else commented a little while ago, the personal touch adds so much to your blog. Big thanks for all the time and energy you put into this, keep on keepin' on!

  8. Hey! Your posts add a lot to the music and make the site more appealing than ones that simply make songs available. I feel like an honorary NO music expert myself now!
    best, Jon

  9. I hereby declare you a true asset on the net!
    It's a pleasure to visit.


  10. I just discovered your blog last week - probably as a referral from WFMU, and since then I've told people who love music about your site. The songs are fantastic and your writing is perfect. Don't be discouraged. I understand how it feels like no one cares what you have to say, but we do so keep up the great work!

  11. Hi Ana, Would you happen to have any information at all on the Jackson Gospel Singers of NO? Thanks in advance, Marie

  12. Ana - I love your blog with the great mix of music with your always entertaining writing. It's one of the first places I check out each day, thanks so much for your fine work here!

  13. Thank you all for the lovely comments. It's good to have some feedback because I do question what I'm up to at times. As much as I'd like to think I'm not fishing for compliments, it really does make a difference that ya'll would bother to leave a note.

    As I maybe not so subtly hinted in the post, it can get kind of lonely on this end, especially when you know the blog has received 5,000 page views in the past week.

    Marie....I'm afraid I don't know anything about the group beyond having heard one of the records once. I would think they were one of the few mixed [male and female together] groups at the time. Early '50's, right? female vocalist in particular with a very big voice?

    Sorry I couldn't help.

  14. Thanks for responding, Ana. I know what you mean about the hits vs. comments. You seem to get a nice crowd here though. Sometime this week I'll send you the tune that I have (yes, it's from the early '50s.) Marie

  15. okay, i just found this blog, and after reading a few of your posts, i decided that i had to start at the beginning and read every one. i can't tell you how much i love it. words fail me. I LOVE IT. like, if music blogs were houses, i'd like to live at this blog. thank you so much. and keep the Eddie Bo coming!

  16. Anon....welcome and I'm glad you like.

    That's some note, next thing ya know I'm gonna be all full of myself. In fact, I think I just puffed up about two dress sizes.

    Thanks, you made my day...

  17. ....& from someone who (for reasons of spare time) doesn't always get time to check in everyday I add my 2 pence worth a little late that your writing becomes more compelling the longer ya keep the blog going & the records remain sublime.

    Meanwhile I continue my rather cheeky habit of recommending other blogs to you but only ones I think compliment the high standards found here. Try Cies blog He's just gone a bit quiet but hopefully he'll be back soon & Marie, maybe he will be able to give you more info on the Jackson Gospel Singers as to me he seems to be a gospel authority.


  18. J...Thank you for the kind words, and also for reminding me about Cies blog "Just Moving On". I hadn't linked to it yet even though I've been pouring over the Booker label discography he posted last month. An oversight on my part.

    I always like to hear about other good blogs. Since I don't get around as much as I once did, it's nice if folks bring them to my attention.

  19. @SpreadinRhythm
    There are 7 wonderful tracks by the Jackson Gospel Singers here:

  20. Wonderful indeed, GilHodges. I haven't seen that collection before.

  21. Hi Ana, I also look forward to reading your posts.

    GilHodges, Thank you so much for the link you provided. Marie